How to Protect Your WhatsApp Conversations from Spyware


WhatsApp was introduced as a messaging app, but there is a lot more to it than just texts, as we frequently use it for sharing our personal photos, videos, and much more. This is why it has gained so much popularity within a very short time. With roughly 700 million active users worldwide, WhatsApp has volumes of private information being shared on its platform every day. This makes it a jackpot for hackers, criminals, and other people alike. Here are top security tips to keep your WhatsApp conversations safe from spyware.

Install a Monitoring App

The first thing you must do to protect your privacy on WhatsApp is to regularly delete all your instant messaging conversations, especially private chats between you and your partner, or your business associate so that no one can gain access to them. Do not forget to install a monitoring app like Mobistealth on your device before deleting any chat as these apps saves a copy of all the chat conversations online even if they are deleted from the device, thus enabling you to revisit them anytime you want. Password-protected access to the online panel ensures that no one but you can access these online logs, thus minimizing the threat of snooping.

Lock the App

Sometimes, our friends, colleagues, or some other associate asks for our mobile and we have no option but to hand it over to them, as saying no seems rude. This is when an app locker comes in handy. There are various apps that let you lock any of your apps, including WhatsApp. This adds an extra layer of protection as no one can open the WhatsApp conversation unless he enters the right combination of alphabets or digits.

Be Wary of Scams

It is very common for WhatsApp users to get messages from strange numbers, asking them to open the given link for safeguarding the account or getting a free subscription on some wonderful service. These are usually nothing but scams. Hackers use these tactics to access your WhatsApp account and go through your private conversations. So if you receive any message from someone who claims to be the WhatsApp team and requests you to visit a link, then just ignore it as WhatsApp never contacts the app users directly through the app unless you have sent them an email or asked for their help.

Get the Latest Version of WhatsApp

Older versions of WhatsApp did not offer message encryption and lacked various other security features as well, making it easier for the hackers to control the WhatsApp account, but thanks to the latest updates, the app is now much safer to use. So you must activate the update settings in order to make sure the app automatically gets updated whenever the company releases any security update. It will keep your chat conversation, images, videos, and other account details relatively safe.

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

Avoid using public Wi-Fi as much as possible, as these networks are home to hackers who open a backdoor to your device, monitoring all your activities. Public networks also increase the chances of getting your device attacked by malware such as viruses, spyware and adware.