Forex BlackBox Forex App Review By XFR Financial Ltd

unnamedWhether you are a professional or novice in forex trading, you necessarily need to have Forex BlackBox. This free software offers first class strategies for becoming successful. You can select your strategy, and run it to get expert signals from XFR Financial Ltd straight on your Smartphone.

How can you use Forex BlackBox Forex app from XFR Financial Ltd?

It’s easy to use this forex application; you simply download to install it.

  • Choose one of the strategies from the given list
  • Select your asset, for instance USD/EUR
  • Hit the run button, the application will rush strategies and you are informed of the recommended signals.

Features related to BlackBox Forex app:

  • Security- Your personal and sensitive information is totally protected and encrypted as Black Box employs high tech security techniques that secure your trading details. It enables you to instantly secure your trading strategies. It employs auto trading algorithms to offer signals as per your selected strategies.
  • Smart Notifications- You’ll get the correct info at the correct time.  BlackBox informs you much in advance of the preferred trades that you should go for. You get signals automatically plus an alert in case any of your stock experiences an unusual volatility.
  • You efficiently get 127 forex quotes in real time.
  • You get market data with detailed graphs of currency pairs in real time.
  • Responsive graphs come with superb scrolling capabilities of full touch plus pinch to zoom
  • It employs BrokerMatch technology for determining your location.
  • Application is ideal for traders frequently on the move.
  • Thorough gradually progressing lessons by XFR Financial Ltd are of great help.
  • Navigation between different strategies is simple.
  • Data is obtained from different economic calendars to deliver maximum precision
  • Lists all pet currencies and their last price plus ask-bid details
  • Premium services offers sophisticated plus high trading strategies that are not accessible to free users
  • Additional highly developed features are still to come
  • Application is optimized for tablets and also supports landscape mode

Currencies that BlackBox Forex application supports at present

  • USD/JPY,
  • USD/CHF,
  • USD/NOK,
  • EUR/USD,
  • EUR/GBP,
  • EUR/CHF,
  • EUR/JPY,
  • EUR/AUD,
  • EUR/NOK,
  • EUR/CAD,
  • EUR/NZD,
  • AUD/USD,
  • AUD/CAD,
  • AUD/JPY,
  • AUD/NZD,
  • AUD/CHF,
  • CAD/CHF,
  • GBP/CAD,
  • GBP/CHF,
  • GBP/USD,
  • GBP/JPY,
  • NZD/JPY,
  • NZD/USD,

Most recently XFR Financial Ltd has incorporated a feature that allows you to get signals in the backdrop even after you close the apple. You may download the app from Google Play onto your Android devices without making any payment. If you like availing all the applications, you can ask for premium service at nominal payment. You’ll find the app of immense help when you like making use of a first class strategy for forex trading and retain the same for being successful in your trading.