Samsung And Apple Get Go Ahead With Pentagon – OROINC

Apple iPhoneApples’ iPhone and iPad devices have been given the all clear for use on the US pentagons networks joining Samsung and Blackberry.

Just because they’ve been cleared for use on the pentagon networks doesn’t mean they are going suddenly buy Apple or Blackberry or whatever else. The biggest problem is not that, its how will they integrate across platforms. On that level Apple has huge issues, as Apple always does with its closed system and Microsoft will sweep the pool simply because of software integration and a myriad of existing business tools.

Apple better start fixing those unlock screen exploits then….oh, and the Alarm…don’t want Barack to be late. Speaking if which, they had better look at those maps as well or he’ll get lost.

In fact, it’s probably best they stick with BB OS. It may be ugly and convoluted but in Apple’s words….it just works.

Trillions in military spending is enough. What do they need more phones for. I’ve had my phone over five years now, they need ‘millions’ of dollars more for phones, after trillions? Really?

A challenging time for BlackBerry, in markets they have had monopoly supplier roles for some time.

Blackberry will do better than Windows Phone, as Microsoft have declared that they have no plans for VPNs, and so dissapointing their potential Enterprise market.

Would be interesting to see the detail, what needs to be turned off (or added) to make each secure.

Will CESG folllow? Can’t see it happening quickly. But I think there is increasing pressure from Departments for them to do so.